Who sets up the heater?

One of our staff members will set up the heater for you. You just need to turn it on when your party starts.

How long will the heater last?

We include a 9kg gas bottle. This will give approximately 7-10 hours of heating depending on the setting you have it on. If you set it to the highest setting you will get approximately 7 hours. If you keep it on a moderate setting you will get about 9 hours. If you set to a low setting you will get around 10 hours.

What happens if we run out of gas?

You can take the gas bottle to your local service station for a top up. We also provide extra gas bottles for $30, which we can leave for back up if you think you might run out.

Are the heaters safe around children?

If you have children, you are best to hire a mushroom heater rather then an area or space heater. They are higher up away from children’s reach, making it a safer option. The heaters also have a shut off switch when tipped. However you should always supervise children when you have heaters set up.

What type of heaters do you offer?

We hire gas mushroom heaters, space heaters and area heaters, and also electric mushroom heaters.  See our home page for a description of each and their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose which is the most appropriate heater for your application