Safety Tips

Hire a heater promotes a safe hire policy. We do all we can from our end to ensure you have safe, reliable and well maintained heaters to reduce the risk of any faults and accidents. We regularly test our heating equipment to make sure it is safe.

Hire a heater offers fire extinguisher hire for $30. We recommend that you hire a fire extinguisher to be safe. Hiring a heater is at your own risk. We take no responsibility for damages to property and injury to persons.

If a fire does break out, call 000 immediately and ask for the Fire department.

Please see below a list of safety guidelines which will help you prevent any accidents for you and your guests.

  • Make sure all heating equipment is well away from children’s reach or intoxicated guests
  • Ensure that you have at least 2 metres clearance around the circumference of the heater and above the heater
  • Never use the heaters to light anything, in particular cigarettes, candles or sparklers
  • Don’t smoke around gas heaters
  • Don’t have any flammable items near the heaters
  • Don’t put your hands close to the heating module
  • Don’t throw any water on the heaters to cool them down. Once turned off they will cool down in their own time
  • If your function is over, turn the heaters off straight away. Don’t leave them on all night.
  • Don’t use the heaters to dry anything including towels or clothes
  • Always turn off the gas bottle immediately when the heater is not being used.
  • If you feel that there is something wrong with the heater, turn it off immediately and call us.
  • If you have a fire or an emergency, call 000 immediately.