Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully. Once you have made a booking with Hire a Heater you accept and agree to our terms and conditions. If you have any questions or do not understand any of the terms and conditions, please feel free to call us for an explanation.

Hire a Heater and the renter agree to the following rental contract:

1. Hire a Heater agrees to rent to the Renter, and the Renter agrees to rent from Hire a Heater, the equipment listed in the chosen package or order.

2. The rental period will last from the time of delivery till the arranged pick up time, which will be discussed and agreed between Hire a Heater and the Renter. If the Renter does not present the equipment to Hire a Heater at the time and date when the equipment rented has been agreed to be picked up, the Renter will incur an additional rental charge of $250 per day for each day or partial day beyond the end of the rental period until the equipment is returned.

3. A cancellation fee of 50% is applicable for cancellations from the date of the booking to within 24 hours of delivery. A cancellation fee of 100% of the hire price is applicable for cancellations within 24 hours of delivery.

4. Renter will return the equipment to Hire a Heater in the same good condition as received. If the equipment is damaged before the Renter returns it, the Renter will be responsible for the cost of repair, up to the replacement cost of the equipment. If the equipment is lost before Renter can return it, Renter will pay Hire a Heater its replacement cost.

5. Hire a Heater reserves the right to not set up a heater if the environment is deemed to be unsafe for the heater, or for the driver to set it up if the location is not safely accessible due to stairs, elevation and steep descents.

6. The renter is responsible for making sure they have approval for the placement of the heaters if they are to be placed in a venue that is not their own.

7. If a client helps a driver to set up the heater, this is their decision and we do no accept responsibility if the customer injures themselves in any way.

8. In most cases, the customer will be responsible for turning the heater(s) on when their function starts to minimise gas wastage. Our delivery driver will show you how to do it. If you wish for us to turn the heater(s) on when we deliver, we are happy to do so. We accept no responsibility if you cannot turn the heaters on, or if any injuries are sustained for incorrect use of igniting the heater. The renter is required to provide power and any leads required to operate the electric radiant heaters and space heaters.

9. The renter agrees to have a suitable environment for the heater with enough adequate ventilation and clear space around the sides and top of the heater, at least 1.5m around the sides and top of the heater(s). We advise that you dont use the heaters in enclosed areas, and accept no responsibility to heaters set up indoors, or outdoors.

10. Hire a Heater reserves the right at any time to change our prices on the website.

11. Some public holidays and public holiday eve’s attract a price surcharge. Call for pricing

12. Heater delivery is dependent on location from Sydney and Melbourne CBD.

13. Heater delivery is typically done between the hours of 9am-5pm. If you require a delivery or pick up outside of this time, an additional fee may apply.